Resource: Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)

September 14, 2015


Changing the way our economy operates starts with a single person.

Fostering the emergence of a new economic system, one that will move our society in a more positive direction, is at the core of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. It is through gradually displacing failing structures and systems with economic structures that benefit everyone that Localism succeeds. Localism is about building communities that are more healthy and sustainable – backed by local economies that are stronger and more resilient.

In this video BALLE explains that national and global prosperity begins at the local level — city-by-city, business-by-business. They are connecting entrepreneurs who are rethinking their industries, innovative funders who are investing to scale the Localist movement, and visionary network organizers who can mobilize on a broad scale.

BALLE is changing how we think about the purpose of business and the economy. They are changing the mindsets of “every-man-for-himself” to an understanding that real security comes from community – from sharing not hoarding, from partnership, not domination.

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