Resource: Public Banking Institute

September 15, 2015


PBI offers courses to laypeople, activists, politicians, economists, and bankers on cutting edge conversations designed to explore the deep important questions that matter most to our economic future with the aim to enable a global community to gain a clear understanding of the problems we face and the solutions we can embrace to create lasting, real prosperity.

The Public Banking Institute is working on transforming the monetary and banking system to function in the public interest, resulting in broadly shared prosperity.

PBI’s vision is to establish a distributed network of state and local publicly-owned banks that create affordable credit, while providing a sustainable alternative to the current high-risk centralized private banking system.

Public banks empower small businesses, students, homeowners, city and state governments, and community banks to prosper and thrive by banking for the common good over the long term, and making low-cost credit available where it is needed in the real economy.

In this video PBI highlights the research and efforts of Ellen Brown, the author of “Web of Debt,” and others at the Public Banking Institute.

State public banks, an old American tradition, may provide an important tool to pull states out of the current economic slump.

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