Resource: Rethinking Prosperity

October 5, 2015


A place for everyone to engage in rethinking the path towards true prosperity.

Rethinking Prosperity is a civic engagement project to identify and communicate economic models that work for more people, within planetary boundaries. They explore new ideas and effective communication strategies through learning-communities that bridge the classroom, research, and civic arenas.

Rethinking Prosperity tracks local, national and global conversations about prosperity driven by sustainable and equitable economics. Their goal is to enable stakeholders, from citizens to policymakers, to find common ground, develop strategies, and take action on economic ideas for sustainable societies.


The Rethinking Prosperity project sees the biggest challenge stemming from the current global economic model that threatens basic human needs, social equity, and the life support systems of the planet. Critics of these models often promote sustainability solutions that focus on greening existing economies. These strategies are winning some battles, yet ultimately losing the fight to create economic and social prosperity within planetary boundaries. The challenge for policy makers and citizens, alike, is to rethink our approach to the economy to yield a more enduring prosperity.

There are already a number of proposed solutions out there that seek to address the problems caused by the current global economic system and that suggest an alternative approach that provides more enduring prosperity for more people.

The goal of Rethinking Prosperity is to highlight the various possible solutions, to encourage a broad discussion about them and to provide a platform for everyone, who is interested in participating in this discussion.

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