The Struggle for a More Democratized Energy System [Webinar]

June 13, 2016

Wednesday, June 29

Noon to 1:30pm ET

Climate change, extreme inequality, and structural racism point to three major interlocking failures within our political-economic system. While some are looking towards the development, in isolation, of renewable energy resources, redistributive economic policies, or steps toward racial equity, an increasing number of people and organizations are recognizing the need to respond to this triple crisis holistically, addressing climate change and extreme economic inequality while simultaneously working to reverse structural racism. In so doing, they have created a new paradigm for moving forward: Energy Democracy. In essence, energy democracy seeks to replace the current corporate fossil-fuel system with one that puts racial and economic justice at the forefront of the transition to 100% renewable energy.


Co-hosted by:

The Next System Project at The Democracy Collaborative * New Economy Coalition * Institute for Local Self-Reliance * Energy Democracy Project * The Sierra Club * Cooperative Energy Future * Local Clean Energy Alliance