Vision Poll: Getting to the Next System

October 20, 2015

How does your initiative help get to the next system?

A key challenge in thinking systemically about the projects and proposals we work on in the short term is keeping track of all the different ways in which these efforts may fail or succeed to catalyze larger systemic change over the long haul.  These survey questions, adapted from our second official report, written by project co-chair Gus Speth, Getting to What’s Next: Guideposts on the Way to a New Economy, can provide some analytical clarity about how a given initiative does or does not contribute to meaningful systemic change.  What shifts power, and what just shores up a broken system?  These questions can help you find some initial answers.

Download, share, print, and distribute this survey in your classroom, meeting, forum, brainstorming session, or wherever a holistic check-in is needed. Share your challenges, strategies, and successes with us at @TheNextSystem using the hashtag #GetToWhatsNext.

Vision Poll: Getting to the Next SystemGus Survey4


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October 20, 2015