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Sign on to The Next System Project statement on systemic crisis

The challenging realities of growing inequality, political stalemate, and climate disruption prompt an important insight. When the old ways no longer produce the outcomes we are looking for, something deeper is occurring. We are at or near the bottom among advanced democracies across a score of key indicators of national well-being—including relative poverty, inequality, education, social mobility, health, environment, militarization, democracy, and more. We have fundamental problems because of fundamental flaws in our economic and political system. The crisis now unfolding in so many ways across our country amounts to a systemic crisis. Today’s political economic system is not programmed to secure the wellbeing of people, place and planet. Instead, its priorities are corporate profits, the growth of GDP, and the projection of national power.

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Jonathan Nack
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Ralph Nader Consumer Advocate, Author, Former Presidential Candidate
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Andrea Nagel Interaction Institute for Social Change
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Tenney Naumer blog: \"Climate Change: The Next Generation\"""
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Richard Norgaard University of California, Berkeley
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