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Gus Speth speaking

Gus Speth delivers the 2016 David Sive Annual Memorial Lecture at Columbia Law School

Gus Speth

Gus Speth

Co-chair of The Next System Project more

Environment & Energy

The Next System Project is proud to announce that Co-Chair Gus Speth was recently honored with the invitation to give the prestigious David Sive Annual Memorial Lecture at Columbia Law School’s Sabin Center for Climate Change. In honor of the life and legacy of David Sive, one of the pioneers of environmental law, the Annual Memorial Lecture gives scholars the opportunity to contribute to the critical debate around climate change and reignite the passions of lawyers and activists who know that another world is possible. Watch Speth’s lecture to gain a deeper understanding the real economic drivers of climate change from one of the movement’s preeminent scholars.

Gus Speth

Gus Speth

Co-chair of The Next System Project more

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