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Election celebration outside White House, November 7, 2020

After Trump, before Biden: What’s next for the American left?

Joe Guinan

Joe Guinan

Executive director, The Next System Project more

Movement Strategy & History Democracy & Governance

The Next System Project’s executive director Joe Guinan, who is also a contributing editor at Renewaltalks to Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite about the outcome of the US election, the unfolding crises of COVID-19, the openings for a transformative political economy and the strategies he would like to see the left of the Democratic Party adopt.

“One of the things that [the 2020 election] shows us is that Trumpism—whether or not it morphs into a new form, with a new leadership or strategy—is something we still don’t understand properly,” he says in the interview. ”We need deeper analysis of its structural underpinnings and its origins,” and how, “even after the dumpster-fire of the past four years,” Trump was able to increase his electoral performance among certain key groups. “The outcome of this election shows we have a lot more work to do to ensure the Trumpers don’t have a continuing path forward, one that is more racially and geographically diverse,” he says.

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Joe Guinan

Joe Guinan

Executive director, The Next System Project more

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