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A socialist newspaper article on the Lucas Plan

Bring back the Institute for Workers’ Control

Joe Guinan

Joe Guinan

Executive Director of the Next System Project more

Democratic Ownership

Joe Guinan, senior fellow at the Democracy Collaborative and executive director of the Next System Project, discusses the political, economic, and environmental disasters occurring today in this article for Renewal. In this time of systemic crisis, Guinan points to salvage in the form of workers’ control and touches on the power of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party leadership and his call for the next system to bring us out of today’s current catastrophe.

The idea of workers’ control is as old as the idea of socialism itself, representing one of two potentially contradictory strands of thought that would place decision-making control over productive enterprises in a socialist economy either directly with the workers or with representatives of the community as a whole (usually, though not necessarily, in the form of central control).

Read the full article at Renewal.

Joe Guinan

Joe Guinan

Executive Director of the Next System Project more

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