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Oil well

The movement to nationalize the fossil fuel industry: a timeline

Juliana Broad

Juliana Broad

Independent writer and researcher. more

Environment & Energy Democratic Ownership

The Democracy Collaborative and Oil Change International released a report on April 14 detailing how to achieve a just transition away from fossil fuels. The report comes amid an explosive growth in support for the public ownership of critical industries, fueled in no small part by the ecological, economic, and health crises wrought by the novel coronavirus.

Assuming public ownership over fossil fuel companies would put the public in the position to “safeguard long-term economic security for workers, avoid taxpayer-funded windfalls for fossil fuel executives, restore communities exploited by fossil fuel corporations, save taxpayer dollars, and ensure an eventual managed phase-out of coal, oil, and gas production,” the authors write.

In the following interactive timeline, we chronicle the escalating public demands for the nationalization of the fossil fuel industry.

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Juliana Broad

Juliana Broad

Independent writer and researcher. more

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