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The Next System Teach-Ins: A call to action

Movement Strategy & History

A call to action to students, faculty, staff, and community members to organize teach-ins about systemic crisis and systemic alternatives on university campuses across the country this spring.

Our economic and political system is designed by and for the 1%. And the results? Unending war, mass incarceration, and climate catastrophe. We need a next system—but our universities teach the status quo rather than creating space to explore systemic solutions. This spring, with your help, this is going to change, with a wave of campus teach-ins!

For everyone who already knows that the system we live in was designed to meet the needs of corporations and billionaires, but not for the rest of us — it’s time to come together and talk about what we do want.

We call on you to join us in exploring alternatives for the next system. It’s time to open up your campus as a space for critical inquiry and learning to discuss what it will take to transform our society into a truly sustainable, equitable, and democratic one. April 22nd-May 1st, Next System Teach-Ins will take place around the country. Become a part of this movement!

Our society faces a systemic crisis, not simply political and economic troubles. The economy is stagnating. The political system is stalemated. Communities are in decay. The planet itself is threatened by climate change. Traditional strategies to achieve equitable and sustainable social, economic, and ecological outcomes no longer work. (Read more about our systemic crisis here.)

At the same time, all across the country, people are innovating ways around the debilitating problems of our current system. Students are persuading their campuses to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in a more sustainable future. University presidents are being forced to resign over racist policies. Neighborhoods are fighting for community control of the police. There is an explosion of new economic experimentation. But there’s so much more to do!

It’s time to talk about the real alternatives we know exist and learn how to make them a reality for our communities. (See our short film for ideas about what’s next.)

That’s why we’ve launched The Next System Teach-Ins and why YOU should be a part of them. Host a teach-in to explore the systemic problems that plague our society and the systemic solutions needed to bring about real change in our communities, the country, and beyond.

Sign up at here and join others across the nation April 22-May 1, 2016. We will provide draft agendas, workshop templates, curriculum ideas, potential speakers and a great documentary that can be screened on your campus in conjunction with your teach-in.

Can we count on you to help bring this critical conversation to your campus?

Register Here!

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