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Truthout: “Fossil fuels are next in line for a bailout – here’s how we respond”

Carla Skandier

Carla Skandier

Senior Research Associate with The Next System Project more

Environment & Energy

Conditions are ripe for a fossil fuel industry bailout that parallels the financial industry bailouts of 2008-2009. To avoid a rerun of 2008, we should be prepared to respond with a plan that quickly phases out the industry, securing for “citizens—not the fossil fuel industry—a floor below which we cannot fall and a foundation upon which we can build a more sustainable green economy.”

By using the same monetary tool we used in the past, quantitative easing, the federal government can create the needed money to once again prevent the country from entering an economic depression. 

Read the article in Truthout.

Carla Skandier

Carla Skandier

Senior Research Associate with The Next System Project more

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