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Jhumpa Bhattacharya

Jhumpa Bhattacharya

Jhumpa is the Vice President of Programs and Strategy at the Insight Center for Community Economic Development. In this role, Jhumpa is a key contributor to the thought leadership of the Insight Center, provides cross-program content support and strategic guidance, and oversees the racial and economic equity portfolio. She directly leads work identifying policy and narrative solutions to racial wealth inequities.

Grounded with a deep equity lens, Jhumpa has provided her leadership, racial justice analysis and thinking on various national and local research and capacity building projects focused on creating systems that address and meet the needs of communities of color, low-income communities and immigrants. Her expertise includes developing equity-based policies; practices tools and frameworks; conducting best practice research; technical assistance and capacity building; incorporating community and student voice into policy and programming; and facilitating complex dialogues on race, culture, and immigration.

A former Director at California Tomorrow, Jhumpa has roots in youth organizing and youth development, and brings over 18 years of experience advocating for and creating policy and system changes towards racial and economic equity. She is a board member of the Pacifica Family Fund, which works to provide quality prenatal and birth midwifery care to low-income families, families of color, teenagers, trans and non-gender conforming people. She is a lover of music, the Lakers and fluent in Bengali.