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The policy approach to mainstreaming worker ownership

Worker ownership is now on the agenda of the 2020 presidential campaign. We discuss the proposals and how they address issues of worker power and economic inequality with Next System Project Policy Associate Peter Gowan and Mo Manklang of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives. read more
Participatory budgeting

Participatory budgeting

Participatory budgeting democratizes public investment by giving people the power to decide how public dollars are spent. read more
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Polling: Deficits vs. economic human rights

In March of 2019, The Democracy Collaborative worked with YouGov Blue to assess whether US respondents believed that government intervention was desirable to make sure the economy delivered basic social needs, and whether or not concern over deficits should override attempts to meet these needs. read more

Designing our communities for justice

Especially in light of the climate crisis, how can communities plan for their infrastructure needs with justice and inclusion at the forefront? The Next System Project’s Johanna Bozuwa, the Institute for Policy Study’s Basav Sen, and We Act for Environmental Justice’s Michael Velarde offer insights. read more
Sen. Bernie Sanders

“Let’s expand employee ownership”: Bernie Sanders backs inclusive ownership plan

Policy associate Peter Gowan tells The Washington Post that Sanders “would become the first member of Congress to propose requiring corporations to create a fund of shares for their employees.” read more

By a wide margin, Americans support “inclusive ownership funds”

Inclusive ownership funds, which create a pathway to scaling up meaningful employee ownership in all of our largest corporations, enjoy robust popular support. read more
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Combatting the care crisis

As the home care industry faces a labor shortage, hospitals and health systems could use their status as anchor institutions to bolster the sector and improve community well-being.  read more
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The US should be producing the HIV prevention drug its research helped create

We could just about end the spread of HIV if Truvada was affordable to everyone who should be taking it. This is why we need a public option to ensure broad, long-term access to essential medicines. read more


Social wealth funds as vehicles of economic empowerment

Gabriel Acevero, Jhumpa Bhattacharya, and Matt Bruenig discuss how social wealth funds work and the transformative role they can play in the financial security of individuals and communities. read more