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Movement Strategy & History

Bill McKibben, Angela Glover Blackwell, Danny Glover

The Next System Project: Overview and Introduction

Growing inequality, political stalemate, and climate disruption prompt an important insight. When the old ways no longer produce the outcomes we are looking for, something deeper is occurring. It is time to explore genuine alternatives and new models—“the next system.” read more
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The Next System Project at Left Forum 2015

Watch a discussion of system crisis and systemic solutions at the 2015 Left Forum. read more
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Three short films on systemic crisis and systemic solutions

These three short films feature PolicyLink’s Angela Glover Blackwell, MIT’s Phil Thompson, and Boston College’s Juliet Schor. read more
On the left a caterpillar, connected by a dotted line to a chrysalis at the center, then connected again by a dotted line to a butterfly on the right.

Watch the video from The Next System Project’s national launch webinar

Watch the Next System Project’s national launch webinar, moderated by Grit TV’s Laura Flanders. read more