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Environment & Energy

A drawing of roots against a colored gradient

Solidarity Economy: Building an Economy for People & Planet

The solidarity economy is a global movement to build a just and sustainable economy. It is not a blueprint theorized by academics in ivory towers. Rather, it is an ecosystem of practices that already exist—some old, some new, some still emergent—that are aligned with solidarity economy values. There is already a huge foundation upon which to build. read more
A forest devastated by clearcutting, with the cut trees faded in color to look like bones.

Addressing the Systemic Challenge at the Heart of Escalating Inequality and Environmental Destruction

Ted Howard’s remarks to the Environmental Funders Network in Cambridge, England, on February 2nd, 2018. read more
Crossing escalators in a shopping mall, with a solitary consumer.

A New Hedonism: A Post-Consumerism Vision

We know we have to consume less. But a real systemic alternative would make this the more attractive option. read more
The Joyful Economy

The Joyful Economy

Next System Project Co-chair Gus Speth explores a vision for the future in which the goal of economic life is to sustain, nourish, and restore human and natural communities, so that the material and non-material blessings of life are available to all. read more
Silhouetted workers constructing a building

A Socialist Economy for the 21st Century

Author and Tellus Institute co-founder Richard A. Rosen explores the changes necessary for a modern definition of “socialism”, and describes key concepts and issues that arise when aiming to restructure the American economy to include social and environmental sustainability in the Twenty-First Century. read more
Towards a New, Green Economy

Towards a New, Green Economy

The objective of the green economy is to achieve a shared (socially just) and a lasting (environmentally sustainable) prosperity. read more
Six Theses on Saving the Planet

Six Theses on Saving the Planet

We can’t reorganize, reprioritize, restructure the world industrial economy in a rational and sustainable manner, unless we do so directly and deliberately. read more
A storm surge pushing waves onto shore, threatening a row of houses.

Framing the challenges of a next system after fossil fuels

This paper explores the intersections of systemic economic and ecological crisis, and proposes that only a break with the mechanisms of corporate capitalism is capable of guaranteeing a sustainable future. read more
The New Economy: A Living Earth System Model

The New Economy: A Living Earth System Model

Once we recognize that it is our life energy at play, we can begin to identify the opportunities available to us to redirect that energy from serving money, and the suicide economy, to serving life and the living Earth economy. read more